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லக்ஷ்மீ தந்த்ரம் January 6, 2008

Posted by sridharan in லக்ஷ்மீ தந்த்ரம்.

Swamin Namaskarams,

Today adiyen received one comment from one of the Bhagavathas about adiyen’s Lakshmi Tantra interpretations. This comment is reproduced at the end. Adiyen’s reply to him is also given at the end.
According to him, adiyen should refer to agama scholars. However, in the loukeeka life, adiyen does not have time for that. Hence this series on Lakshmi Tantra is temporarily stalled. HOWEVER OTHER POSTINGS WILL CONTINUE.

Adiyen is seeking the opinion of your goodself on the same.

Adiyen Dasan


Dear Sriman Sridharan ,
Your assumption may reflect your wish — but not His Will . Please delete these words “தமிழ்நடை விளக்கம் எழுத நம்பெருமாள் திருவுள்ளத்தாலும், ஸ்ரீரங்கநாச்சியாரின் திருவுள்ளத்தாலும் அடியேன் முனைந்துள்ளேன். ”
If it truly comes from the heart of the Lord as Vyasa sang the epic of Mahabharatha , இவர்கள் திருவுள்ளமாக these may not be read much more clearly. But you are confusing the reader with such expressions. “……………… ……………………………………………..
பதங்கள் சற்றே கடினமானவையாகும். அஹம் என்றால் ” நான்” என்று பொருளாகும். அஹந்தா என்றால் “நான் என்ற எண்ணம்” ஆகும். உதாரணமாகச் சூரியன்-சூரியனின் ஒளி என்பதை எடுத்துக்கொண்டால் அஹம் என்பது சூரியன், அஹந்தா என்பது ஒளி என்ற முறையில் பொருள் கொள்ளவேண்டும். அதாவது – ஒரு பொருள், அதன் தன்மை என்ற உறவுமுறை வெளிப்படுவது காண்க. அஹம் என்பது ஒரு பொருள், அஹந்தா என்பது your justifications . Please check with at least with another Scholar of the same Agama lore.

——————–adiyen’s reply———————————

Many thanks for the valuable comments. Here are adiyen’s replies:

1. Adiyen preferred to use the words – நம்பெருமாள் திருவுள்ளத்தாலும், ஸ்ரீரங்கநாச்சியாரின் திருவுள்ளத்தாலும் – is because unless “They” have initiated this blog, this would not have been possible. Nothing in this world happens without “Their” Sankalpam…even devareer’s comments are “Their” thiruvullam only. Thus the term – thiruvullam – is placed to indicate adiyen is only a Nimitha Karanam in “Their” hands and does not indicate adiyen is as blessed as Veda Vyasa as quoted by devareer.

2. “If it is the Sweet Will of the Supreme One it would have its Divine Fragrance in its expositions” ……. No where adiyen has claimed that the expositions are Divine…In fact all of adiyen’s work are only translations of various Sanskrit / Tamil commentaries into simple Tamil. Thus, your remark does not apply to adiyen directly.

3. “But you are confusing the reader with such expressions”…….the terms aham and ahanta when expressed in simple Tamil means what adiyen has indicated. According to Lakshmi Tantra, Narayana is spoken as the I-entity and Lakshmi is spoken as I-ness. May adiyen request devareer to translate these two terms in more appealing Tamil, so that the same can be replaced in adiyen’s postings?



1. Gopinath Varadharajan - January 7, 2008

Dear Sridharan Swamin,

Blog entries are for personal thoughts and reflections, and yours are excellent translations in every way. If we keep go deep inner meanings of each and every word – we loost overall beauty of translation – everything gets different contexual meanings and as a result we get the divisional fights [like the current Vada / Then Samprathayam’s !].

Hence please continue your excellent writtings, and let there be a place for Critics , so we can all learn !



2. sridharan - January 7, 2008

Dear Gopinath Swamin,

Many thanks for the feedback. Adiyen will definitely count devareer’s opinion.

Adiyen Dasan

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