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ஸ்ரீ பாதுகா ஸஹஸ்ரம் – அத். 7 – 10 – மூலம், பொருள் October 28, 2008

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கீழே உள்ளதில் ஸ்ரீபாதுகா ஸஹஸ்ரம் – அத்யாயம் 7, 8, 9, 10 ஆகியவற்றின் மூலம் மற்றும் பொருள் உள்ளன:







1. Gomatam Madhavachari - October 28, 2008

Excellantely narrated. You have already got the benediction of Swami Vedanta Desikan. Such explanations with full heart leads you to His Holy Feet, according to saranagathi sastram. In Ahirbudhnya Samhita, the Saranagathi is well narrated for the Bhaktas like you. Now the Ghanta Ravam is ready to take you to Vaikuntam by Amaanavan (as has been given by Swami Manavala Maamunigal in Upadesa Ratna Mala–i.e. Amaanavanum nammai, karathaalae theendal kadan). Swami Desikan himself shall act as a Amaanavan in our case and will lead us to Lord Narayana’s abode Vaikuntam. Your Bhakti cannot be told by words. Namperumal is always looking you to lead to his place. I pray that you must give explanations for many works of our Poorvacharyas. Please continue to do it.

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