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Sri Ramanuja Slokas December 28, 2008

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On this first day of Thiru Adhyayana Uthsavam at Srirangam, adiyen is happy to upload a collection of slokas on Sri Ramanuja, with meanings. The slokas in this volume are:

1. Sri Ramanuja Suprabatham
2. Thirumanjana Kattiyam – 1
3. Thirumanjana Kattiyam – 2
4. Praarthnaa Panchagam
5. Sri Ramanuja Vaibhava hethu sloka
6. Sri Ramanuja Chathusloki
7. Sri Ramanuja Sthuthi
8. Thaadii Panchagam
9. Ashtotra Sadha Nama Stotra
10. Slokas from Upadesa Ratna Malai (related to Emberumanar)
11. Koorathaazvan sloka
12. Embar sloka
13. Yathiraja vijaya sloka
14. Sri Bhashyakara Sthuthi sloka
15. Sri Bhashyakara Mangalam

The same can be downloaded by clicking the following link:

Adiyen dasan




1. OM - January 9, 2009

thank you for your Ramanuja sloaks.”thalai yallal kai maru ilane” swami umakku.

2. Mrs.Srimathi Suresh - January 23, 2009

Dear Sri Sridharan Swamin,

It is really a great kaimkaryam which you are doing to our entire Srivaishnavism. Adiyenukku periya BHAGYAM.

Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha
Srimathe Nigamantha Maha Desikaya Namaha.

adiyen dasan,

3. K. Rajaah Shah - March 22, 2009

kindly inform me where can I download Gita Bhashyam of Sri Ramanujar in Tamil. Expecting at the earliest.

4. Sundar Rajan - May 1, 2009


Wonderful collection. No words to say you. Please post more about prabandhakaragan ramanujan.

5. Selvapillai Thatha - November 29, 2009

1st Please accept my pranamas. Woderfull Collection “thalai yallal kai maru ilane” If possible devar please upload a voice version also so that adiyen can listen and learn.


6. Venkatesh S - April 7, 2010

Excellent work. This work should reach even the lower level people in the world so that they will also know more about Ramanuja. We are going through a rough period wherein conversion to others religions are increasing day by day. We should not stop after reading the greatness of Ramanuja but also we should preach about Ramanuja and his philosophy.

Dasan Venkatesh

7. sridharan - July 22, 2010

great collection that comes handly for adiyargal. Hope you do such works with the blessings of emperumanar. Pranams to you

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