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Sri Vedanta Desikar Devasthanam November 11, 2009

Posted by sridharan in ஸ்ரீ பாதுகா ஸஹஸ்ரம்.

Hello Fellow Bhagavathas,

As you may be aware, the website of SVDD (Sri Vedanta Desikar Devasthanam) is a good platform to enrich your knowledge on the rich scriptures of our Sri Vaishnava Sampradayam.   In order to better inculcate our rich tradition every month, the site conducts quizzes for both seniors and juniors. Please give your sincere attempt.


In the current Edition, the editor Shri U.Ve. Natteri Srihari Swamy has scribed an excellent Editorial on ANUSHTAANAM vis-a-vis  DEVOTION.

The website is http://www.svdd.com


One can know the various festivals and events in this temple which is one of the very few temples where agama rules are strictly followed and all Utsavams take place like Kancheepuram, Tiruvallur and so on.

Also keep in touch with the Editor’s Note therein for important issues/themes/announcements.

Please spread the message to as many relatives and friends as you can so that all can benefit by this.


Dasan Olakkur Kidambi Srinivasan



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