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நம்பெருமாள் விஜயம் – 69வது இதழ் April 11, 2010

Posted by sridharan in நம்பெருமாள் விஜயம் (free e-magazine).




1. NC Nappinnai - April 11, 2010

Dear Sri Sridharan Swami
mangalashasanams to swami. The article is very good,self read only some portions like Idu, SVB,Tirumalai. Swami gave one example of Pillai pillai azhvan for bha:gavata apaca:ram in the Tirumalai paasuram.

Swami could have given similar example of Kuraththazhvan and Bhattar for “minnin nilai ina maNNuyir AkkaigaL” wrt dwayam. Many people have wrong notion that one should learn all the rahasyam from one’s own Acharya. R himself learnt from different Acharyas. Bhattar’s acharya was Embar. One day, when Azhvan was taking class, bhattar was sitting. So father says, you learn from your Acharya but immediately Azhvan is reminded of Azhvar’s this particular paasuram and finally Azhvan himself teaches bhattar the rahasyam. One should hear the entire incidence. Azhvan and Bhattar are mindblowing.


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