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Adiyen is from Srirangam. Adiyen is hosting a separate website named http://www.namperumal.com where an e-magazine titled “Namperumal Vijayam” is available for download. This magazine, released on every Dwadasi, contains Purvacharya works like Sri Bhashyam, Srimad Rahasyathrayasaram, Mumukshupadi, 4000 prabandham – Swami Periyavachan Pillai commentary, Sri Rangarajasthavam to name a few.

Following are few books written by adiyen through Namperumal’s sankalpam: (all in Tamil)

1. Srimad Bhagavad Gita Bhashyam of Sri Shankara, Sri Ramanuja and Sri Madhwa in Tamil.

2. Thiruvengadamudaiyaan pasurangals with commentary.

3. Srirangam Namperumal pasurangals with commentary.

4. Gadyatrayam with commentary of Swami Periyavachan Pillai.

5. Thirupavai with commentary of Swami Periyavachan Pillai.

6. Sri Gunaratnakosam of Sri Pasarasara Battar with meaning.

7. Lakshmi Narasimha stotras with meaning.

8. Sriman Narayaneeyam with meaning.

9. Mahalakshmi manthrangal (Srisuktham and other slokas) with meaning.

10. Kanchi Varadarajan related slokas.

11. Sri Ramanuja stotra mala (only slokas) – a compilation.



1. Gorur.Selvapillai.Narasimha - September 24, 2007

pl write shlokams in sanskrit script also, it helps like us,who don’t know tamil script. with regards.

2. Tulasi Venkata Ramagopal - October 23, 2007

adiyen namaskarams,

found the treasure.

pl give me the name of the tamil font(s) used in your translation so that i can copy the same in my folder and take a printout for study.


3. Kannan S - November 26, 2007

adiyen namaskarams,

pl. keep up the good work and thats service to the Lord


4. Ramalingam - November 27, 2007

Dear Sir,
Great Work. Please give details about your book ” Srimad Bhagavad Gita Bhashyam of Sri Shankara and Sri Madhwa in Tamil”.
Where can we get the same.
Thanking You.

5. sridharan - November 28, 2007

Ramalingam swamin namaskarams,

You can get the same from Narmadha Pathipagam, Chennai. Their phone number is (044)-24334397.

Adiyen Dasan

6. llchandru(lalitha chandru) - March 6, 2008

Sir namaskaram. Is there the book available SRIMANNARAYANEEYAM WITH TAMIL MEANING WORD BY WORD.and did bombasy sisyers realeased any audio casette of Srimannarayaneem? I want to learn and enjoy the pleasure of Lord Krishna’s Leelas.Pl help me

7. Jyothi Raghu - April 17, 2008

Dear Sir,

Very Great work, Sir my request to you is give the slokams in english. I donot know tamil reading. Hope you do the needful.

With Regards

8. Seshadri - May 6, 2008

Dear Sir,

Please intimate me online Divya Prabhandam Classes.

9. Vidhya Pradeep - May 8, 2008

Dear Sir,
what to say? what to say?? .. Excellent, outstanding,fabulous work for VAISHNAVAS..I feel as if Emperuman Narayanan form parama padam has sent you to all of us to learn many slokas with its meaning.Am so excited & speechless after going thru the site.

Now i want to know how to download the slokas you have given.Or only the text of the slokas is given??I want to download SRI GUNA RATHNA KOSHAM by parashara bhattar.I am not able to see audio version given anywhere.So pls help to find the same.

May your service to bhakthas continue for ever.

10. ManavalanRamanujam - December 25, 2008

Dear Sir

I am very happy to see this site with the help of Mr.krishna sridharan through Yahoo Groups.i am interested learn and Publish the Sri vaishnavams. Basically i am from Thirukostiyur.( But working in Chennai)
If you need any other help Regarding Pls let me Know.



11. nair - February 26, 2009


its very nice to know about your works, i would like to know where can in find cds of shrimannarayaneem in complete versions.

12. K.SRINIVASARANGACHARI - March 20, 2009

pl guide me to get vyakanam of entire nalayaira divya prapandham by sri sri periyavachan pillai swamigal. where can i get this book.




13. srinivasan - April 1, 2009

srivaishnavarkalukku miga theavaiyana vishayangal
swamikalukku adiyen dhandan

14. rahul - October 21, 2009

sir dont stop this its a great effort its very helpfull for us
adiyen ramanujadasan

15. Rajesh Narayanan - March 12, 2010

Adiyen namaskaram,

Thiruvengadamudaiyaan pasurangals with commentary.

3. Srirangam Namperumal pasurangals with commentary.

this link where is sir.. i search but iam not find in your site
please tell me sir.

adiyarkkum adiyen
rajesh narayanan

16. S Sampathkumar - May 16, 2010


Devareerin thiurppani nangu thazhaikka andha Namperumalideme prarthikkiren

Adiyen Sampathkumar

17. gnanasekar - January 5, 2011

dear executer, i really glad u, for ur sevas. i heartly memorize ur holy feet on my sin head. thanks and hearty wishes u for ur way of Sriman Narayanan.
pls take me with u, if u like. i like to serve my lord as possible.

18. vgopal999 - June 11, 2012


sridharan - June 12, 2012

Currently only chapters 3 and 4 are available in the website. Chapter 1 and 2 are not yet ready.

Adiyen dasan

p.n.sridharan - February 17, 2014

Dear Sridharan,

Feb issue seems to be not readable as there are several alphabets missing in each word.

I request uou to check up and publishe correct format.

Adiyen Dasan

sridharan - February 20, 2014

Please download the pdf and read. If you read the pdf online, you will have this problem.


19. V R Sridhar - April 27, 2014


Namaskarams. Adiyen Sridhar, requires to know about Naichiyanusantham both in Tiruvoimozhi and also from our Acharyas. Could you please guide me

20. K.SRINIVASARANGACHARI - August 18, 2014

your work on namperumal vijayam and other srivaishnava matters is commendable like anything. adiyen noticed ramamanuja nooruanthathi meaninig is available only up to 70 paras.adyien want to know where the rest of the slogams with meaning. pl advise me.

adiyen ramanujadasan

21. Hema shridhar - September 2, 2015

Namaskarams to you. Am interested in knowing the meaning of all slokas i recite.. I appreciate yout great job in providing meaning to sanskrit slokas. Thanks a ton.

22. automatedparking - October 22, 2015

Namaskarams to you. Great and commendable work.

I am happy to bring to your notice that I have started a small initiative which I hope would be very useful to all Bhaktas to know more about Divya Desams, its details and Azhwar’s mangalasasana Pasurangals.

I request to visit http://www.divyaprabandham.in for more information on the same.

I also request your goodself to pass this information to all your near and dear and I look forward to your valued feedback and suggestions to improve the site.

Sridhara Dasan

23. rukmani - March 3, 2016

narayaneeyam available in nampermal.com


Swami Adiyen Sudharsana Ramanujadasan from Vanamamalai. I am really so greatful to you for your nouble works. My humble request to U to have a kaingaryam of posting Periya tirumolzhi with modern tamil translation of periyavachan PiLlai Vyakyanam. I cant find any word to appreciate your kaingaryam. My sicere prartanas to Sriranagam divyadambadis and Srivaramanga Godha sametha Vanamamalai perumal for your health wealth and prosperity.

25. D Mukundan - 9443910247 : akshyamukundanhema@gmail.com - November 1, 2016

Swamin Namaskaram Mukundan From Housr I am really Bhagyavan to you for your Kaingaryam this work. My sincere request you to publish of Panguni Uthiram of Srirangam pasuram with meaning . Dasan D Mukundan. I am submitting my both mail and contact no. If you don’t mind can you send your contact no

26. Rukmani - November 17, 2016

Can you please tell where I can down load sri ad bhagavatham moola slogan and meaning in tamil

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