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ப்ரஹ்ம ஸூத்ரம் – மூலம் மட்டும் (ஸ்ரீபாஷ்யத்தின்படி) October 18, 2018

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It is a well known fact that Bhagavad Ramanuja wrote a commentary for Brahma Sutras and it was called “SriBhashyam” by Goddess Sharadha Devi at the Sharadha Peedam.

On this auspicious day of the Saraswati Pooja, adiyen is happy to release the moolam of Brahma Sutras in Tamil, which could be used for daily parayanam. The highlights are as below:

1. It is grouped as per SriBhashyam.

2. The sutras are split into word-by-word for easy reading.

This can downloaded from the link below:

final-content-with-adikarana – for pdf only


ஸ்ரீபாஷ்யம் – 4வது அத்யாயம் April 2, 2011

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Please click link below:

sribashyam-chapter-4-with moolam